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Purely based on my inability to follow rules, instructions or recipes

(I know, how ironic!), I would consider myself an above average baker. Over the years, I have learned the core or fundementals of baking. So the recipes you'll find here are easy, simple and really good. My children are overly honest and continuously serve me the best humble pie in all of Melbourne. So when I say these have been tried and tested, you best believe!


This is a chocolate lovers heaven. Recquires no cooking just the ability to resist eating before your guests arrive.


I'll be honest, this is relative straight forward, the process though takes time. So if you're invessted, it will be worth every bite.

Cookie Monster cupcakes are a wonderful baking activity to have with your kids. I've made these for birthdays and for halloween.


This is my super mum go to recipe. My kids LOVE waffles, given half the chance they would have waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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