Listen, every pantry has to have it's basics - like your go to. You feel me?
These are your tried and tested true friends. I'm talking about  the things that deliver the flavour that your family adores and assures you a win with their taste buds. These are your spices, oils, herbs, canned goods, frozen babies etc. 
In my home, my pantry & freezer have these supporting actors constantly and so when I cook, I'm just looking at my leading role members and figuring out how to make them all work together. More often than not, I can't get a meal to taste the same twice in a row cause it depends on who was available as my supporting actors. You with me?
So you'll see that my recipes are very flexible and are different from professional chefs who are specific with quantities & ingredients. For me, I'm about getting in the kitchen, pouring me a glass, turn on some music and then for 30 minutes MAX - let's pull something nice off.
Let me know what you try, what twist you add.
Have fun cooking babe!

Triple P

This is my new baby recipe I named Triple P (Pesto, Pork & Penne). It came about by pure luck. You know when you were making one thing and then ran out of ingredients & had to divert - yeah Triple P is where we got to. Be that as it may, this is a beautiful & elegant dish that cooks within 30 minutes.


Fish and Chips

You'll be everyones fav mama with this one - keeps all the little & big people in your family happy. Perfect as a weekend meal when you have time to spare.

Fish and Chips

Corn Fritters

I really like making these because they can easily move from a quick snack to a healthy meal when served with a salad. I've also used these as a school lunch for Lwa. They heat up really well in the pan or toaster - for that extra crunch.


Cottage Pie

Whether you call it a shepherds pie or cottage pie, this warm & reach pie will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy in all the right places. A labour of love worth every minute spent.


Another versatile meal - can move from breakfast straight to lunch with this one. Doesn't keep well, so has to be consumed within a day or two but I can guarantee you that won't be a problem you have to face.


Chicken, sweet potato & beetroot smash

I am in love with this dish! Inspired by a recipe from Jamie Oliver, I have added my twist to this simple and quick fancy-but-I-get-down dish.


Let me know what's on your mind

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