• Dawn Faith

teach your kids to be kind

Please be careful what you say to your kids and especially what you say around your kids.

Lwandle has been attending school for only two weeks but in that time, he has received some unwanted and unsolicited comments about his hair. I don’t want to call it bullying as I do not believe that that’s what 5 year old kids intend to do.

Regardless of their intentions, their words have stuck and my wonderful and perfectly made boy has requested to have his hair cut as he could no longer handle being singled out . This breaks my heart as a mom and a person of color.

In 2020, surely we are all endeavoring to raise well rounded kids that don’t make the same mistakes that our parents made and worse over, the mistakes that we still make.

This is a mark on the parents and not the kids.

Bullying is a serious plaque facing our community with serious and sometimes long lasting effects. There are many different types of bullying, namely verbal, physical, cyber and what my son experience emotional. According to bullyingnoway, bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence are all interpersonal behaviours that can create or contribute to negative social situations.

Our prejudices against others are very clear to our kids as they are constantly in our presence and therefore have the front row to the reality of our beliefs. Changing your behaviour and your views will in turn contribute to your children's behaviour.


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