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"I'm not tired. I don't want rest!"

Sabbath a word derived from Shabbath which essentially, means “a day of rest.”

On a random lockdown Melbourne day, whilst I lounged on our couch high from yet another episode of something I cannot remember that Netflix had convinced me was worth my time, walked in Nic with a serious look on his face -"Babe, can we talk?". Ok...

Listen, I get uncomfortable anytime he says this to me as I know more often than not, it's going to cost me something and I'm not in the business of paying bills that aren't mine. Now, first off, before you get it twisted, I am a very generous person, very generous! But! I have boundaries, ok. My husband on the other hand, Lord!

Nicolas Anthony Mackay would give up our house, clothes, our dwindling savings, my wigs and fake eyelashes in a heartbeat with no regard for nothing if he thought someone else needed it more than we do. And so when these episodes of sacrifice and giving away our things come upon him, the first audible note I hear is always, "Babe, can we talk?".

It's Time To Find Rest

“Honey, the Sabbath was for like Bible people or something and if anyone still does that, I think it's like maybe Jewish people hey. I'm just a black chic from Kwa-Mashu, what do you want from me?”

Fortunately, my husband knows his wife very well. The white dude came prepared y'all - he had his research, articles and stuff and stuff. I can't express clearly how reluctant I was about this whole Sabbath, Smmmaabbaaath thing! I was barely hanging on with the demands of an infant, having recently relocated to Melbourne, the lockdown and then there was homeschooling Lwandle. For me all I could hear and see was yet another thing added to my list - a list I was already struggling to complete.

Take it easy Dawn...

Of course, I naturally supported the idea because in our family we back each - crazy idea or not. I am so pleased I did, now in hindsight, best decision ever.

We had to agree on the terms and conditions - baby steps - this way we walked in with clear expectations. After speaking to Lwa who opted himself and his sister in, we had our very first Sabbath. For us Sunday works best, so from midnight Saturday to midnight Sunday, we consider that 24 hour cycle to be the holy day.

The first Sunday was a bit strange to be honest with you. No television and no social media ALL day was tough on your girl. In times past, we'd often used these mediums to get through our days or to babysit the kids whilst a girl took a breath. So there certainly was some necessary adjusting.

As part of the agreed new tradition, I cooked a beautiful Sunday roast. Lwandle helped to set the table, candles, napkins, the entire nine yard. We sat down and Nic said a beautiful prayer and invited Lwa to pray too. My darling baby boy went on to utter the most thoughtful and soul connected prayer I'd ever heard from him or any five year old. I was left astounded and in tears. That Sunday afternoon, we broke bread with intention, deeply connected to each other. We spent the rest of the day in the garden, with music in the background, doing this and that. I can't put it to one thing, but in the following Sundays, something shifted for us as a family. We laughed more, saw each other more and as crazy as it sounds, we craved for the Sundays and actually began looking forward to them. Our special day of rest.

Come to me, you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Our world is overwhelmed with news and events whose sole goal is to zap our spirit of joy, peace and rest. We are all dealing with some form of anxiety, and it just seems stress is at an all time high. Isn't it amazing that every day you can retreat to Christ to be restored and that on Sabbath you can have this spa-like full restoration day? Just like the cross, an upward connection with Christ and across with your family and friends.

In the three months of holding the Sabbath dear, we as a family have evolved in our definition of what it means for us and have embraced sharing the day with others too. You'll now find us at home as a four or we go exploring somewhere - but with each Sunday, what remains the same is the intention behind our connection. We seek God and find Him waiting for our catch ups. I seek my husband and find him rested and able to connect with his wife. When I look up, my kids are there open arms ready to embrace their mother and be embraced by her in turn.

Get Inspired And Try It For Yourself

My friends, the Sabbath is yours and best of all, it's free. I strongly encourage you to grab hold of it. Be warned though, DO NOT turn it into yet another religious activity you engage in because in doing so, I can guarantee you that you are bound for failure. Come into the Sabbath with one expectation, to connect with your maker - He'll take care of the rest.

Lot's of love,



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