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Mother's Day gift ideas... Things to ask for that you may have not thought of.

We are going all out this year babe.

The time has come again when the world stops for a moment to appreciate all that mothers do. Personally, I have a love hate relationship with this day but we'll set that aside and just focus on the title of this blog.

Seeing that this glorious day only comes once a year, I thought we should make it rain by going all out with our gift requests. I have catagorized them into three sections; Personal & Practical, Fancy Nancy & Madame Healthy.

Let's get straight to it!


Personal & Practical

Last Christmas (and for my 40th birthday), I requested gift vouchers which I took and marched myself straight to the mall purchursing items for the house, my kids and the hubs. What a duffer!!!

I've since spent the last few months being resentful when my "housemates" have made different choses than I did when their moment of glory came through. My people are out here living their best lives with their gifts which didn't involve me in any way whatsoever. Babe, please, don't be a duffer like me. Put YOU first!

Have you been thinking about taking those art classes or learning some zazzy jazzy moves or playing the piano? Well, go forth and multiply hun!

Get yourself some paid classes to your fav hobby. In so doing, you'll also score TIME for your a** to attend said classes. You catch my drift? Hint hint nudge nudge.

Fancy Nancy

Do you have anything fancy you've been eyeing but kept thinking "there's just no way they'll ever give me THAT!" Well babe, what can I say except you'll never know until you ask. Go for it! Be bold! Say it out loud and see if you can't score a new Le Cruiset pot or that Jo Malone or even a new MacBook Pro. Honey!!!! I mean, if not for Mother's Day then when? Right?

So go wild and name all sorts of fancy things and see where they land. You'll never know, this may just be the day when you finally get yourself some fancy Riedel glasses to sip that wonderful mama juice in. Send me some. Or invite me over won't you?

Seriously, I get that it can hard to ask for something big but if no one else is struggling from the same challenges in your family, then why should you?

Madame Healthy

If you promise not to judge I'll tell you a secret. I've been trying to shed my baby weight for over a year now and no luck. Not because exercising or dieting doesn't work. To be honest with you, I haven't really made the necessary commitment to either one. No judgement, safe space here. These things cost so damn much though! So I figured there's a possibility of going if someone else paid my membership :)

If you are in the same cruising boat as I am, this is your moment. Ask your family for a 12 months paid membership to your local gym, or those Yoga classes or even the personal trainer who offers a discount.

Honestly, this is a win win situation!

It can be really hard to consider yourself when you lead a life that is constantly requiring and demanding that you put other people's needs before your own. I get this as I juggle the same demands all day every day but can I encourage to utulise Mother's Day as a well earned and truly merited day for you to consider what do you need and want. You can try all you want but trust me when I tell you that, you cannot pour out from an empty cup.

Fill your body, mind and soul this Mother's Day and enjoy the wonderful, sacred and sometimes ridiculously tough realitiy of what it means to be a mother.

Happy Mother'Day babe!



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