• Dawn Faith

Lwandle, MY OCEAN

Updated: Feb 19

The song Oceans (where feet may fail) is based on the famous story of Peter walking on water (see Matthew 14: 22-33).

I remember the very first time I heard this song. I’d been in hospital for about four days. From the very first chord, the song spoke directly to me and my circumstance. The entire 8 minutes 56 seconds had been written, composed, orchestrated just for me. (Yes, the Hillsong team had no idea that they were being used to help save the life of a woman they’d never even met!)

In an instant, the song brought me face to face with a Galilean man who’d lived over 2000 years ago. I could sense the conflicting emotions Peter felt as he asked Jesus to affirm that He was who He said He was. ‘Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water.’ His words may have been filled with fear and doubt, but mostly it’s my strong belief that, even in the midst of the storm, they were beaming with faith and trust.

On the very first day I heard this song, I decided that it was my new anthem - every word, every note, every chord was now my own. And as I journeyed through my storm, it served as a reminder of my commitment that ‘in oceans deep, my faith will stand’.

Two years after the passing of our daughter, my husband and I gave birth to a baby boy. We named him Lwandle, meaning ‘Ocean’.

Lwandle Isaiah Mackay is the evidence that I once walked on water. He's now a three year little boy who is the best faith teacher in my life!

I love you my lolo.

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