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Let's Eat, Babe

...And Drink! (Oh. And the feed the kids, too!!)

Dawn Faith's second book about her journey with food.

Here’s the thing: I never set out to be a home cook, let alone put together this book. I’m just a girl (actually a grown woman) who’s been trying to feed her family through a pandemic.

At some point during the thousands of meals that I've cooked, I realized I was pretty good at it. That realisation inspired me to reflect on when and how I learnt to create a meal. I’ve since come to understand the incredible mosaic that is my background and how it has shaped my food story.

This book is a collection of every cooking gem I have learnt about feeding myself and the three humans who live with me. Filled with funny and insightful food stories (and over 50 recipes), this is a perfect cook book for every family.

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Thank you for you ongoing love and support, means the world to me.

Let's eat, babe!

Dawn Faith


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