• Dawn Faith


If you don't, it will always hinder you from leaving out your purpose!

I got to South Africa a few months ago now and from the second I stepped off the plane in cold Johannesburg, I received a welcome party unlike any I’ve ever seen in times past. Fear was waiting at the tarmac with the biggest grin on it’s face. Immediately, I felt it comfortably wearing me like a perfectly fitting glove - as if we were old dear mates.

An overwhelming floodgate of thoughts fuelled by doubt opened up and poured a seemingly never ending rain over me. I doubted the very reason for our move to this beautiful country. What had I done?! I’d moved my family from our safe and secure and predictable home in Melbourne - the most liveable city in the world AND the winner of best coffee in the world! I’d pulled my son from an incredible daycare centre where he was beginning to make some connections and growing great relationships with both the carers as well as the kids. As for Nic and I, we have a SOLID community of friends in Australia - people who loved us for who we are and as we are. People who had stood with us through the good and bad - and the in between.

I was so afraid that I’d made a big BIG mistake. Thoughts of ‘what if this doesn’t work’ paralysed me. What if I don’t crack it, what if I’m not good enough? Good God, have I bitten more than I can chew? And all the while, fear kept whispering: “RUN! It’s not too late to turn back.”.

Sometimes these questions still pay me a visit. Every now and then I wake up feeling cold from fear. Don’t ever underestimate it, fear is a devious and powerful monster - if you let it move into your mind and heart.

So how do you conquer your fears? How do you break that bridge that connects you to fear? How do you remove the voices of people in your head telling you that it won't work? How do you remove your own voice of what will they say if it doesn't work? Is it all worth it? Does it mean that much to you that you would take the biggest risk of your life?

I can’t answer these questions for you. I can only honestly reflect on them and respond with great sincerity. It is there where I found my breakthrough.

Here’s what I know for sure: when I was doing everything else but this, I wasn’t happy. I have carried a few titles, a few jobs and have done this and that. None of the this and that has ever made me feel like I do now, like I’m some part of a bigger plan/purpose that goes way beyond little ol me.

I have also learnt that living a mediocre life which brings no challenges is BORING BORING BLOODY BORING!!! I’ve learnt that every time you find yourself overly comfortable, and not challenged by life, it's possible that you are not extending yourself as you should. I try to remember the many things I’ve done before that were crazy scary, but did them anyway. I remember the joy and satisfaction from accomplishing those things, and I realize, I can do this too! I remember that God created me for greater things. That His intension was and still is, for me to “live life and live more abundantly” (John 10:10) and not to hide or shy away from the adventure that life has to offer.

So how I'm conquering my fears is realising that an average life makes me miserable and if this is the only pathway to finding greater joy, fulfilment, satisfaction, happiness and a sense of purpose, then I have to find the courage required to step up and do what is necessary despite the suffocating fear.

I am not satisfied with mediocrity. I do not want to live an average life. I believe and I'm not ashamed to believe that I was born to be more than average. And so to this very day I press on and I bulldoze my way through. Some days are harder than others but I push the haters aside, I push my own self hate aside and I find the thing that God sees in me. I try hard as I can, to see myself as He sees me.

Many dreams have been aborted by fear. Are you next in line or will today be the day that you decide that you are worth the risk? I encourage you, join me and let's step up together. Back yourself, knowing that God has already got your back. What's the worst that could happen? Is it really that bad? So what if they talk? Follow your heart. Trust God. Believe in yourself and the world will be forced to make room and wait for you.

Your dreams are valid. You are valid. And most importantly you are more than enough. You keep reminding yourself of this simple but profound truth. You repeat it to yourself again and again, and soon you’ll begin to believe it. It works, I’ve tried it. And some days I have to do it again and again and again until my brain and my heart find total alignment.


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