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5 Steps For Weekly Success

Because we all deserve a win every week.

Ever feel like every week comes and goes, is super hectic yet you are unable to point to anything you've accomplished with the seven days? There is still a long list of things not done and for the umptin times you've forgotten to complete that report or get that laundry from the line...? Sounds familiar? Too soon?

No stress babe, I gots you! Here's how I am now kicking goals both at home and work AAANNNDD have enough time left to do all the things that bring me joy. Ya ready?

Step ONE: set realistic and attainable goals

At the start of your week, sit yourself down and capture all your responsibilities for the week ahead. Ask yourself what needs to be done and how does this goal support the overall picture? This will help filter what HAS to be done this week versus what can be moved to the following week or even deligated to someone else.

We all want to be #goals but you can only ever accomplish what is realistic, attainable and within your capabilities. So ensure that that whatever goal you set is in alignment with YOU and YOUR vision.

Step TWO: set clear timelines

Chillllllleeee you can make goals and visions till the cows come home and the roosters lay them eggs... without clear timelines, you know it's never gon happen. Shame the devil and tell the truth!

There are only seven days in a week and 24 hours in a day. Be very honest with the amount of time at your disposal & based on the urgency and importance of the goals, assign your time accordingly.

Step THREE: schedule and schedule and schedule babe

You are an incredibly smart and talented individual but babe even your brilliance-ness will forget things if you haven't scheduled them. As mothers and generally all round busy people, life happens and things fall inbetween the crack sometimes.

So, friend of mine, pop it in your calendar/diary/phone - heck tattoo that thing down so it moves from your brain to a space your eyes will be able to behold.

Step FOUR: set them reminders

Your diary/calendar looks great and hectic, I love all the colours and highlights. I hope you'll remember all of that. NO YOU WON'T!

Allow technology to work in your favour and set 1000 reminders if you must - but set that reminder before you forget picking up your kids from school, or feeding your kids, or doing laundry... #TrueStory

Step FIVE: boundaries are a must

Finally, you know after you've done all of that work, people, life and you (let's keep it real) will try to sabotage your plans? So join the ninja club and be vigilant with pre-anticipated boundaries.

There will always be exceptions to the rule but within reason, no distractions formed against you shall prosper! Consider how you will respond when distractions show up. I know we all are supposed to be grown and deligent but distractions exist for a reason. I work from home, so I keep my door locked and unless the house is on fire, when mama's working, MAMA'S WORKING.

Finally, love yourself enough to set the goal to practise self care weekly. As you've learnt it's not just thinking about taking some time out but it's rather deliberately putting in place tools that will ensure you get to stop and replenish. The #superwomen syndrome is cute in theory but is deadly in reality.

You cannot pour out from an empty cup - I've tried and failed everytime.

And that's it! Seems simple but believe me it will take a few times before you consistently get it right, so be kind to yourself - you are a rare treasure.

Love and peace babe



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