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I am the perfect contradiction of ghetto and bougie and so is my cooking. When you come to my home – whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner – it will inevitably be a mix of soul food meets fancy.

Cooking brings me soooo much joy! It's my happy place. I pour a glass of wine, take off my shoes, play my best jams – loudly – and I'm off!

Where possible, I use good quality ingredients because I appreciate the difference they make to every meal. But, above all, I cook from my soul - tasting as I go and trusting my gut instict.

On this site, you'll find a bunch of free recipes. You can also buy a copy of my book (which I wrote during one of the many COVID lockdowns in Melbourne!). Whichever way you go, I encourage you to use my recipes as a guide rather than a set of rules. While I may have included specific quantities, I don't know you and your preferences. I don't know when something is too sweet or too salty for you. My darling husband still adds more salt to every meal I cook -  how rude!!

So, trust yourself, have fun, and take time to appreciate the results.


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Here’s the thing: I never set out to be a home cook, let alone put together this book. I’m just a girl (actually, a grown woman) who tried to feed her family through a pandemic.

At some point during the thousands of meals that I cooked, I realized I was pretty good at it. That realisation inspired me to reflect on when and how I learnt to create a meal. I’ve since come to understand the incredible mosaic that is my background and how it has shaped my food story. 

This book is a collection of almost everything I have learnt about feeding myself and the fussy three humans who live with me.

With over 50 recipes, I hope what I share will somehow make your time in the kitchen a little easier.

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Let's Cook Together

Sometimes it's just easier to watch someone do it, isn't it? That way everything makes waaayyy more sense. So have a look while I make some of my favourite meals. Whether it's 2-minute noodles for the pickiest eater in this world (i.e. my 3-year-old daughter) or a traditional Sunday roast, I'll show you all my tricks in the kitchen.

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