Triple P

This is my new baby recipe I named Triple P (Pesto, Pork & Penne). It came about by pure luck. You know when you were making one thing and then ran out of ingredients & had to divert - yeah Triple P is where we got to. Be that as it may, this is a beautiful & elegant dish that cooks within 30 minutes.


Chic Medley

I am in love with this dish! Inspired by a recipe from Jamie Oliver, I have added my twist to this simple and quick fancy-but-I-get-down dish.

Fish & Chips

You'll be everyones fav mama with this one - keeps all the little & big people in your family happy. Perfect as a weekend meal when you have time to spare.

Fish and Chips

Corn Fritters

I really like making these because they can easily move from a quick snack to a healthy meal when served with a salad. I've also used these as a school lunch for Lwa. They heat up really well in the pan or toaster - for that extra crunch.